Cain Exercise Rehab Has Closed

**Message from Jon Cain, owner/operator**

To all of our valued patients and clientele,

It is with mixed feelings that I am announcing the closure of Cain Exercise Rehab, with this August being our final month of operations. This decision was not an easy one and was influenced by an industry staffing challenge as well as shifts in professional focuses and opportunities for both myself and various team members.

I first began Cain Exercise Rehab as a small sole-practitioner clinic in September of 2016 and greatly enjoyed growing it and our team over this seven-year period. While our closure has come with somber moments, I can confidently say that it also comes with feelings of pride, rather than shame or loss.

Taking the risk of opening my own clinic immediately upon completing my education, developing my own practice style, building my following and client base, and then successfully weathering the storm of COVID-19 have all been accomplishments that leave me with no regret.

With all of this experience now under my belt, I excitedly look forward to the next steps of developing my professional career that would not have been possible were I to continue to administer and manage my own facility. My full intention is to continue serving my existing client base and carry on growing my personal practice while also now having new opportunities that I am looking forward to seizing.

I’d like to thank the loyalty of our clients over these years for supporting us. I feel honoured by the individuals that have returned to us throughout this time period and have continued to recommend their friends and family to also seek the care that we have provided.

We will be updating our website, booking platform, and phone line to direct all clients to where they can find myself and our other clinicians after the month of August. Rest assured, we as your therapists are all committed to delivering a never-changing quality of care in our new homes, with nothing regarding our services differing except for location. Prior to the end of August, you may also continue to book directly with our clinicians into September at their new locations.

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns. Our emails will continue to be monitored and responded to after August. We thank you again for your support, your trust in us over these years, as well as your patience while we move through this transition.


Jon Cain


Jon Cain, CAT(C) Certified Athletic Therapist

Jon is now treating out of Active Recovery Physiotherapy.

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Jon is a Certified Athletic Therapist with a Bachelor's Degree in Athletic and Exercise Therapy and Diploma in Exercise and Wellness from Camosun College. Jon has been a member of the Board of Directors for the Athletic Therapists Association of BC since 2018 and currently holds the role as association President. In addition, he has been a Human Anatomy instructor at Victoria's Pacific Rim College since 2021. Personally, he is an avid indoor rock climber and trains in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Born and raised in Victoria, Jon has been involved with numerous sports and fitness settings as both medical personnel and coach. With a background in long-distance running, he spent 9 years coaching other runners at the youth level where he developed his skill in then being able to coach and motivate his clients through their rehab. Jon has also had a great deal of focus with providing care for athletes in lacrosse, martial arts, rock climbing, and body building. However, Jon retains a passion for working with non-athletic populations as well, especially in regards to returning movement and quality of life to chronic pain clients. Areas of interest that he likes to treat with clients include persistent neck, lower back, and TMJ (jaw) pain.

Jon’s philosophy is that any individual has the ability to attain optimal health through education and guided exercise. He sees the inherent ability in every individual to move naturally and healthily and has confidence that every human body can regain the ability to function without pain.

Rory Knapp-Fisher, RAc Registered Acupuncturist

Rory is now treating out of his own practice.

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Rory Knapp-Fisher is a Registered Acupuncturist with a special focus on myofascial pain, injuries, and human movement optimization. He uses a unique anatomy-informed approach of acupuncture, bodywork techniques and rehabilatory exercises to resolve his clients’ pain and enable them to thrive in their bodies.

In addition to practicing acupuncture, Rory is also a long standing faculty member at Pacific Rim College where he teaches orthopedics acupuncture techniques and theory.

Rory has been an active student of martial arts and human movement for over 20 years.

Marisa Sako, RAc Registered Acupuncturist

Marisa is not currently treating patients at this time. We will update this page as needed.

Helping clients move more freely and live with less pain has been the focus of Marisa’s teaching since 2006. Years ago, she discovered that referring clients with stubborn conditions to her acupuncturist made their bodies more receptive to her rehabilitative movement instruction, sped up their recovery time, and got them to their performance goals faster.

Now a Registered Acupuncturist with a focus on sports medicine, Marisa uses orthopedic and myofascial needling techniques to calm cranky muscles, down-regulate the nervous system to reduce pain, and activate the muscles needed for support. When this style of acupuncture is combined with exercises and breath work, clients can enjoy longer lasting results. .

Marisa approaches sessions as a collaborative effort, relying on client feedback in real time to meet each individual where they are and let that drive the treatment. Being an active participant in one’s own healing process promotes empowerment and wellbeing. Her knowledge, trained eyes and hands continually nudge and encourage clients in the right direction, but it’s the client who does the work. Marisa sees herself as a helper, not a healer. .

She received her Diploma of Acupuncture from Pacific Rim College where she took particular interests in orthopedic and myofascial acupuncture and orthopedic assessments. Her training in rehabilitative movement includes the Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist Certification, Threes Physiyoga Method Advanced Teacher Training, and 500-hr Yoga + Backcare Teacher Training in New York City. She is currently continuing her studies in Kinesiology at Camosun College. .

Empathy and non-judgment are essential in treatments, so let it be known that Marisa has been humbled by her fair share of injuries from dance, yoga, running, momming, and simply sleeping wrong.


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